2014 infographic: FidMe community key figures

Posted on December 19th, 2014 in News. 2 comments

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You helped us in our November survey to complete the portrait of the great FidMe community. Better understanding your needs and what we could do to optimize FidMe! You were more than 7000 to answer, we thank you for your help! You can discover the results in the infographic, and share it !

6th most used retail app in France and 1st PoS app (Médiamétrie, Q1 2014). COmpatible with every smartphone, FidMe gathers all the loyalty cards and coupons.

infographic FidMe 2014

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2 thoughts on “2014 infographic: FidMe community key figures

  1. Yesterday, at the Galereia Inno in Woluwe (Belgium) the bar code scanneer couldn’t reed my Galeria Inno card. Unfortnately, this wasn’t the first time. I have had cashiers who refused to accept the virtual FidMe card. Yesterday, the cashier was so kind to key in the numbers one by one.
    Have other users experienced the same issue?
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Francis,
      Indeed, there are still retailers that are not equipped with the latest technology for the mobile scanner. This may work or not work in the same store to another. It is not a problem with your mobile or the app.
      In stores : the brightness of your mobile phone must be at its max, and the screen clean. If you see “hand scanner”, try first, it usually goes much better.

      Equipment are evolving fast, mobiles are recognized better and better. In fact it is thanks to you, using FidMe, retailers will change theirs scanners in front of a large number of customers using mobile application for their loyalty card!

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