Become FidMe Premium: discover it all for 10€ for 2 months!

Posted on February 18th, 2015 in Pro. No Comments

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Having FidMe Premium means having additional features and advantages in the existing services that FidMe offers to boost your shops and franchises in each point of sale. Stop waiting and become Premium! To discover this offer, pay the first 2 months at half a price (10€/month, with no time engagement)! 

FidMe Premium + visibility Create you coupons campaigns and reach new clients! Your coupons are visible to all the community of FidMe users in the map available from the coupons’ center. Your cardholders receive a notification each time a new coupon is available.

FidMe Premium + stats

– More Stats: Stamps’ (place, client, date) and claimed prizes records, available by card and by point of sale.
Campaigns’ report of opened coupons in real time (reading rate).

FidMe Premium + dialogues

– Sending unlimited deals instead of one per month.
iBeacon compatibility for sending proximity notifications.
Clickable contact information from FidMe.

Become PremiumLog-in to your FidMe account to discover all the advantages and subscribe to FidMe Premium.

First two months at half-a-price, which is 10€ per point of sale per month (instead of 20€). No time engagement!

You don’t have a FidMe account yet ? Create it for free as well as your first loyalty card in a matter of minutes ! YouTube Tutorial : Creation of a merchant’s FidMe account

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