Beta FidMe V.I.P

Are you a Beta Tester for FidMe or would you like to join the FidMe Beta testing program? Welcome on board!
How to become a Beta Tester for FidMe ?
How to install FidMe Beta ?
How to contact FidMe team and Beta members?

Become a Beta Tester for FidMe


Are you using an iPhone or an Android device? Want to get the latest and greatest features in your FidMe app before they’re released? Now you can: join the new FidMe Beta testing program, and be the first to discover the next FidMe (r)evolutions! Your feedback will help us shape and continuously improve your favorite shopping app.

Wait no more: anyone can be a FidMe tester! No technical skills required, we only need to know the email used to sign into your FidMe account.

Become a tester for FidMeWhy be a Beta Tester for FidMe?

  • To get the latest FidMe features before they’re released;
  • To participate in your favorite app’s evolution;
  • To give your feedback and suggestions before official releases;
  • To have personnal answers about your feedbacks and spoted bugs;
  • To speak directly to the FidMe team.

Subscribe within 2 clicks to receive next Beta versions. We can’t wait to welcome you and speak with you!

Become a tester for FidMe

How to install FidMe Beta ?

Here it is, you’re now a tester and you’ve just received your first Beta invitation? To install the update, nothing could be easier! Follow these steps, according to your smartphone:

For Apple Addicts (iOS)

  • Read your emails ! Open TestFlight invitation, keep in mind your access CODE.


  • Then download TestFlight app following the link in the email.IMG_0142
  • Open TestFlight and enter your access CODE in the app.

This way, your usual application will be automatically updated.

For Android total fans (Google Play)

  • Click on the link sent by email to access FidMe Beta
    Beware your email, you can only use a GMAIL. Do you have this message “Application not available for this account”? Please send us the email address you’re using on your Google Play account.
  • Click on “Become tester”, then on “Download FidMe”.
  • Click on “Update”, and that’s it!
    If you don’t see the “update” button, empty the Google Play Store application’s cache in your phone Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Storage > Clear Cache


Your usual application will be automatically updated.

How to contact FidMe team and Beta members?

Speak directly to the FidMe team sending an email to, and join Beta FidMe VIP Facebook group to share your FidMe feedback with other members.

Talk to you soon!