I can’t find my card in the application

Several possible explanations for this situation:

– All the created cards are validated by FidMe team, that explains the cards are not immediatly visible in the application.

– In the application, the search is made with the store name, defined in “My point of sale” part. Inform correctly the “Name of the point of sale”, because it’s thanks to it users can find your card in the application.

Otherwise, if you have several points of sale, we advise you to inform the store name and the place (exemple: StoreName – London), for a best indexation in the application.

– Check if you are in the STAMPS part (button on the top right of the app), not in the CARDS part (barcodes cards).

When you scan for the first time your QR code, that adds automatically your card and one stamp, no need to search your card in the application.

Small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

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