Find here all the answers to every questions that you’re wondering about FidMe

Manage my account

Which countries are available in the application?

Go to the “loyalty cards” section, then click on the”+” button before selecting the globe icon (in the upper right corner).

You have then access to the list of countries available in the application in order to display the list of cards you want to see.
Warning! The default list depends of the settings of your phone.

What is a “Check” ?

A “Check” signals your presence in a place, then you share the information on your social networks (Facebook and/or Twitter). Each “Check” gives you 5 Fids (FidMe points).



What are the FidMe points for?

You earn points for each action done on the application (adding card, sponsorship, check). FidMe points will give you shopping advantages soon!

What should I put in the field « e-mail of your sponsor »?

If you know someone who already has a FidMe account, you can fill the field with his email address (login). This is an optional field; you can leave a blank and confirm your account.

Is FidMe available on my mobile phone?

FidMe is compatible with all smartphones and other mobile phones with an Internet connexion: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Samsung Bada, Nokia Qt, Kindle Fire and Java mobile phones.

How can I delete my account ?

By loggin with your User ID (email) on www.fidme.com, in « My profile » section, you will find a link to delete your account. Warning: you can’t go backward!

How can I change my password / email?

You can change/correct your FidMe email and password in a few seconds directly from the mobile app!

1- Select “My Profile”

2- Click on “My account”

3- Edit your email and/or your password

This feature is available on iPhone and Android.

From other devices, simply login with your Email and Password on www.fidme.com and go to “my profile” to change your password or your (login) email.