Find here all the answers to every questions that you’re wondering about FidMe

Manage my loyalty cards

How to add a loyalty card

To add your first loyalty card, let us guide you. Click on Add, choose your card, enter your customer number (or scan your card), and FidMe do the rest ! The application will connect to mobile Internet to recover logo and informations about the loyalty card.

Then, you can use FidMe in all circumstances, no need to have network, you just have to show your mobile at checkout, and voilà !

If you card has a barcode or a “2D” code (square), FidMe will recreate it automatically. If you card has just a customer number, FidMe will display it.

How do I classify my cards ?

From the application:
Press during 1-2 seconds one of your card from your card list, the A-Z icone will appear. Click on it to sort your cards in alphabetic order .


From fidme.com:
Go to the “loyalty cards” or “stamp cards” section, then click on “Rearrange your cards”. You can then drag your loyalty cards in the order you want they appear in the app.


How to delete a card ?

iPhone version :

To delete a card, you just have to slide your finger from right to left then click on the « delete » button which is appearing. You can also click on the Menu Option on your card, you will be able to delete your card.

Android version :

To delete a card, you just have to press a few seconds on the chosen card then click on the “delete” button which is appearing.

How to modify one of my cards ?

You just have to select the chosen card by clicking on it, click on the menu and choose “edit”. It let’s you change the customer number in case of mistake, or add some specific notes relative to a card (like the expiration date).

fidme modify your card


I change my phone / I’ve lost my phone : how to recover my cards ?

If you want to recover your loyalty cards from another mobile, that’s very easy. You just have to donwload FidMe on your new mobile, enter your login ID (email and password), and all your cards will appear !

The function “Scan your card” is not available

It may be several reasons. Generally, that’s simply because we don’t have any information about the barcodes of the concerned cards. Don’t hesitate to send us pictures (front and back) of these cards at support@fidme.com

The Nokia Qt users don’t have this feature, because the Nokia mobiles camera autofocus is active to more than one meter of distance, which is not practical to scan barcodes !

iPod and iPhone 3G don’t have, at the opposite of of iPhone 3GS or 4, a camera with autofocus, that is necessary to scan barcodes.

I own a loyalty card that is not listed in FidMe

If you own cards that are not listed in our database, send us pictures (front and back) of the loyalty cards at support@fidme.fr to let us add this card.

Why the scan doesn’t always work in shop ?

Indeed there can be scan problems in shop. There are still many hand-held scanners and checkouts which are not equipped with a technology that can scan the mobile. It can work at a checkout and doesn’t work at another checkout.

Concerning these hand-held scanners, it’s evolving. The important number of users who show their mobiles at checkout is increasing quickly and the brands will have to be equipped faster. If you see “hand scanner”, try first, it generally works better. Or ask the code to be typed for checkout.

Moreover, there are many barcode types : FidMe displays most of them but it still can be differences, if you notice differences, let us know, we will fix it as soon as possible.

Barcodes of some cards are not true to reality

In this case, to let us identify the problem, send us some pictures of these barcodes and cards at support@fidme.com

Then, we could do necessary modifications to fix it.