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My FidMe retailer account

How to add a stamp on FidMe?

As easy and fast as an ink pad!

After downloading the app, your customer only needs to scan your personnal QR code from your card on FidMe and the first stamp will appear automatically !

scan QR code FidMe

To print your personnal QR code (in addition of the one we send you at your subscription), login your retailer account on www.fidme.com, My tools section > In store advertising > My QR Codes (mobiles stamps) management.

Place your FidMe QR code behind your checkout, show it only to give stamps away !

Or from http://stamp.fidme.com website, enabled for any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can enroll and send mobile stamps to your customers in few seconds! If your customers don’t have FidMe, don’t have the time to install the app, if there is no or not enough mobile network, if they forgot their mobile or are too low on battery, this is the solution. Learn more


You can find all the explanations on your retailer account, in “My tools” section > Documents to download.

Small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

How to define my loyalty program?

A “level” represents the number of stamps needed to earn a gift. You can have up to 3 levels by card, and therefore set up 3 rewards.

Beware: stamps add up to each other.
To give a gift every 5 stamps, select 5 stamps at each level (and not 5 stamps, then 10 at the 2nd level, then 15 at the 3rd level)

Another exemple for this loyalty card:


Level n°1 represents 3 stamps and gives you a free coffee
Level n°2 represents 4 stamps and gives you a large breakfast for the same price of a normal breakfast
Level n°3 represents 3 stamps and gives you a free breakfast

Small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

How to receive in store advertising ?

We send you an in-store advertising kit at your subscription.


Encourage the use of your loyalty card in FidMe, displaying the in-store advertising in your store.


If you want to receive more in-store advertising, send us an e-mail at support@fidme.com (or contact us at +33 820 950 954, 0.12 € per minute), telling us your login (email) and the adress where you want to receive in store advertising.

You can also print them from your FidMe retailer account, “My tools” > In store advertising (FREE).

Small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

I can’t find my card in the application

Several possible explanations for this situation:

– All the created cards are validated by FidMe team, that explains the cards are not immediatly visible in the application.

– In the application, the search is made with the store name, defined in “My point of sale” part. Inform correctly the “Name of the point of sale”, because it’s thanks to it users can find your card in the application.

Otherwise, if you have several points of sale, we advise you to inform the store name and the place (exemple: StoreName – London), for a best indexation in the application.

– Check if you are in the STAMPS part (button on the top right of the app), not in the CARDS part (barcodes cards).

When you scan for the first time your QR code, that adds automatically your card and one stamp, no need to search your card in the application.

Small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

How to minimize fraud?

Several anti-fraud tools, your can manage from your FidMe account, are available to avoid fraud:

  • The hour and date stamps are registered on our server and appears when the customer claim his gain. You can also check his identity, that appears on the green validation screen.
  • At any time, in order to prevent fraudulent use of your QR code, it is possible to generate a new one from your account (My tools> Advertising in my business> my QR code) that will make the old one invalid.
  • You can limit the stamp number per day. You can also warn and/or block a customer if he exceed stamp quotas on a determined period (My cards > Modify a stamp card). To manage warned or blocked clients : My tools > Manage my client > Cheating Management.

As a classic stamp, hide your FidMe QRcode from the customer view and use it only when you need to stamp a card.

Download the FidMe anti-fraud tools guide (PDF 2Mo)

Download the small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

How to give a gift to a client in my store ?

As soon as a customer has reached a level and claims his prize, he only needs to scan your QR code, show you the screen with the animated green wave and that’s it !

Away with the reprinting of the loyalty card ! When you grant the prize, the card is set back to zero and restarts automatically in the application.

1. A congratulation gift screen appears when your client wins a gift.
2. When the client wants to claim his gift, he select “Claim” and scan your QR code.
3. The screen with the animated green wave allows the client to receive his gift.
4. You can ask to display the summary of the earned stamps (click on “See the stamps details”), to check the redeem dates and hours.

Each stamp acquired via FidMe is dated. It is therefore not possible to cheat ! Moreover, you have access to your customer’s complete history on your online tools, nothing better to optimize your prizes. Learn more about FidMe anti-fraud tools.

Small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

How to create a stampcard in FidMe?

Reach out millions of users in a couple clicks, nothing is easier! You only need to create your card, in few seconds!

Once your account is created from www.fidme.com, you are almost there :

  • Select the “Add a stampcard” button,
  • Define your business informations,
  • Upload your logo and background image or choose one,
  • Define the number of stamps and your customers’ gains,
  • Manage the options to secure the use of your card,
  • Associate at least one point of sale of the card, from “My points of sale” section, to see it live in the application. That’s all!

Créer une carte à tampons FidMe

You can edit or modify your card at any time, and even know in real time how many customers are using it, who are the ones close to a prize, etc.

Small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

How to share my card?

You have created a FidMe account and a first loyalty stampcard? Here are 5 tips to make your customers use your card.

  1. At the checkout, always propose your mobile loyalty card to your clients.
  2. Display your FidMe in-store advertising in strategic places: the entrance door, on tables, next to checkouts, anywhere the client can see it.
  3. Your customers don’t have FidMe? Accessing http://stamp.fidme.com website (enabled for any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) allows you to enroll and send mobile stamps to your customers in few seconds! Learn more
  4. Your clients don’t have your card yet? Scanning your personal QR code for the first time will add your card and their first stamp in a few seconds (no need to search for your card and add it).
  5. Share your FidMe Places page to get new prospects. All your information (contact, loyalty program, comments, etc.) are gathered in this page, accessible to all, without connection or FidMe account. To discover it, search your shop on places.fidme.com.

Download the tutorial “How to use your stampcard with FidMe” (PDF 700 kB).

Download the small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

Can I access my customers information?

We give you tools to contact your customers by email, SMS and on their mobile via the application:

– Send deals to your cardholders (1 monthly deal with FidMe Classic / unlimited with FidMe Premium). This deal appears as notification in the application.
– Send customised coupons to your cardholders (FidMe Premium feature).

FidMe also allows you to know in real time many detailed statistics about your carholders activity:

– Number of users,
– Location of your customers,
– Usage rate,
– Number of stamps,
– Weekly or monthly reports.

With FidMe, you’ve never been so close to your customers!

Small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)
Learn more about FidMe Classic / FidMe Premium services