How to create a stampcard in FidMe?

Reach out millions of users in a couple clicks, nothing is easier! You only need to create your card, in few seconds!

Once your account is created from, you are almost there :

  • Select the “Add a stampcard” button,
  • Define your business informations,
  • Upload your logo and background image or choose one,
  • Define the number of stamps and your customers’ gains,
  • Manage the options to secure the use of your card,
  • Associate at least one point of sale of the card, from “My points of sale” section, to see it live in the application. That’s all!

Créer une carte à tampons FidMe

You can edit or modify your card at any time, and even know in real time how many customers are using it, who are the ones close to a prize, etc.

Small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

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