How to add a stamp on FidMe?

As easy and fast as an ink pad!

After downloading the app, your customer only needs to scan your personnal QR code from your card on FidMe and the first stamp will appear automatically !

scan QR code FidMe

To print your personnal QR code (in addition of the one we send you at your subscription), login your retailer account on, My tools section > In store advertising > My QR Codes (mobiles stamps) management.

Place your FidMe QR code behind your checkout, show it only to give stamps away !

Or from website, enabled for any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can enroll and send mobile stamps to your customers in few seconds! If your customers don’t have FidMe, don’t have the time to install the app, if there is no or not enough mobile network, if they forgot their mobile or are too low on battery, this is the solution. Learn more


You can find all the explanations on your retailer account, in “My tools” section > Documents to download.

Small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

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