How to give a gift to a client in my store ?

As soon as a customer has reached a level and claims his prize, he only needs to scan your QR code, show you the screen with the animated green wave and that’s it !

Away with the reprinting of the loyalty card ! When you grant the prize, the card is set back to zero and restarts automatically in the application.

1. A congratulation gift screen appears when your client wins a gift.
2. When the client wants to claim his gift, he select “Claim” and scan your QR code.
3. The screen with the animated green wave allows the client to receive his gift.
4. You can ask to display the summary of the earned stamps (click on “See the stamps details”), to check the redeem dates and hours.

Each stamp acquired via FidMe is dated. It is therefore not possible to cheat ! Moreover, you have access to your customer’s complete history on your online tools, nothing better to optimize your prizes. Learn more about FidMe anti-fraud tools.

Small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

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