How to minimize fraud?

Several anti-fraud tools, your can manage from your FidMe account, are available to avoid fraud:

  • The hour and date stamps are registered on our server and appears when the customer claim his gain. You can also check his identity, that appears on the green validation screen.
  • At any time, in order to prevent fraudulent use of your QR code, it is possible to generate a new one from your account (My tools> Advertising in my business> my QR code) that will make the old one invalid.
  • You can limit the stamp number per day. You can also warn and/or block a customer if he exceed stamp quotas on a determined period (My cards > Modify a stamp card). To manage warned or blocked clients : My tools > Manage my client > Cheating Management.

As a classic stamp, hide your FidMe QRcode from the customer view and use it only when you need to stamp a card.

Download the FidMe anti-fraud tools guide (PDF 2Mo)

Download the small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

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