How to share my card?

You have created a FidMe account and a first loyalty stampcard? Here are 5 tips to make your customers use your card.

  1. At the checkout, always propose your mobile loyalty card to your clients.
  2. Display your FidMe in-store advertising in strategic places: the entrance door, on tables, next to checkouts, anywhere the client can see it.
  3. Your customers don’t have FidMe? Accessing website (enabled for any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) allows you to enroll and send mobile stamps to your customers in few seconds! Learn more
  4. Your clients don’t have your card yet? Scanning your personal QR code for the first time will add your card and their first stamp in a few seconds (no need to search for your card and add it).
  5. Share your FidMe Places page to get new prospects. All your information (contact, loyalty program, comments, etc.) are gathered in this page, accessible to all, without connection or FidMe account. To discover it, search your shop on

Download the tutorial “How to use your stampcard with FidMe” (PDF 700 kB).

Download the small business / franchise guide (PDF 3Mo)

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