Tutorial #2: give stamps and gifts with FidMe

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You are a merchant, franchisor, retailer or franchise and you have a FidMe account. This tutorial helps you using better your mobile stampcard and improving the loyalty and engagement of your customers!

Made in Max à Table restaurant, « fast good restaurant » in Bordeaux. Activate English subtitles on the video.

You don’t need any hardware or software equipment to use FidMe. Only a QR code (we send you one for free when you create an account) to give stamps to your customers, and rewards when their stampcards are completed.

At the checkout, always ask to your customer if he has your card in his FidMe wallet. If not, ask him to donwload the application.
Tip: Scanning QR codes on posters, stickers and see-through glass stickers (different from your Stamp QR code) launch the download in one click!

From their FidMe account, in the « Stampcards » section, the customer clicks on « +1 stamp » and scans your personnel QR code. That’s it, the stamp is added!
Tip: if your customer doesn’t have your card, scanning the Stamp QR code for the first time will add your card + the first stamp at the same time.

Once the card is completed, it automatically goes back a new blank stampcard. The customer can use their gift immediatly or later. One last scan will validate the gift burn (for your backend data).

Don’t have a FidMe account yet ? Get started by going to www.fidme.com, sign-in and create your first loyalty card!
Tutorial #1: Create your FidMe account and your first loyalty card

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