FidMe 4.6.0 New design, new couponing center, and new notifications!

Posted on June 26th, 2014 in News. No Comments

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FidMe continues its evolution, the new update is available on iPhone (June 26th), on Android (July 4th) and on Windows Phone (beginning of July). More ergonomic and modern, an evolved personalized couponing center, an advanced notification center, sponsoring options… discover what we have make up for you in this new version!

A new couponing center: choose you offers!

FidMe coupons de réduction
Display the available coupons around you in a map: with the latest version of FidMe is now possible (soon by list and by distance!). Just click on the coupon’s icon at the left bottom of your screen, a map will appear displaying the available coupons “Around me”. To see only the coupons of your loyalty cards, click on the button “My cards”. The offers of our partners like iGraal can be found by clicking on “other deals”.

This is nothing but the beginning of the couponing center’s transformation in FidMe. We still have other surprises to come in the next update! 

A relook before summer!

FidMe All your cards in your mobile walletFidMe Loyalty CardsFidMe stamp cards

FidMe Smart couponsFidMe Available in many languages

Loyalty cards, stamps cards, coupons… every screen on the app has been reworked by our team. FidMe has even renewed its closet: 9 new skins are available since the app’s preferences, on your profile.

The notification center has also a new lifting: neater, easier to read, more complete, so you never miss any information, any deal, offer or notification! Access by clicking on the bullet next to FidMe’s logo, you can find important information about FidMe, offers and information about your favorite stores under “shopping” and under your FidMe “News”. 

Sponsor your friend with a click

Access to your mobile’s address-book from FidMe to select and sponsor your friends in an easier way. You’ll win 5 Fids (FidMe points) per friend as soon as they install the app, without limits!

You can also share FidMe to your friends through Facebook to let them discover the app and make our community bigger!

You are almost 3 million users making part of our family and we are very happy to join you during your daily shopping. FidMe is before all, your application! We stay free, with no ad, and we’ll do everything to stay this way! We’ll be pleased to hear from you, give us your feedback, your advice and critics by leaving a comment on this note, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

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