FidMe to be global Samsung partner for the next Gear smartwatch

Posted on April 24th, 2015 in News. 4 comments

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Samsung just releases its development platform for the new Gear watch and FidMe is among one of the 5 global partners beside CNN, Yelp, Baidu and Apposter!

FidMe parmi les 5 partenaires de la prochaine Gear de Samsung

Available on the Apple Watch from today, FidMe will be also connected to the new Samsung Gear! For its new watch generation, Samsung evolves to a round interface, that will make an easier access to your loyalty cards, notification and coupons.

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4 thoughts on “FidMe to be global Samsung partner for the next Gear smartwatch

  1. Dear FidMe

    My apologies for writing Englisch. I can not understand French.

    I installed your FidMe app on my Gear S3 Classic.
    The function of the app i realy like.
    However i do have some comments about the working of the app.
    1: When scrolling throug my cards the bezle of the Gear S3 does not function. Only with swiping i can scroll up and down. I know i can get to the desired card but i did buy the Gear S3 also because the rotating bezle witch works MUCH quicker then swiping.
    2: Swiping works VERY SLOW. Often it doesn’t do anyting. It’s like the watch hangs. After some time it reacts again. I only noticed this in the FidMe app.
    3: The app is overall very slow.

    I think these problems are because every you select a different card, the Gear S3 must download ALL the data from the phone with every card all over again, even if the card was selected before.
    It would be nice if you have the choice to upload the data to the watch so it can access the date quicker. I don’t know how much space each card needs but that can not be that much?

    The only reason i use your app is because there is no other app for cards in the app-store.
    If these problems where solved i think you have a very nice app.

    I hope you can make the app quicker in the next update so it is more usable.

    Thank you.
    Frans van Heel

    • Hello Franz, thank you for using FidMe and thank you for your feedback! I forward your message to the technical team.
      To make the display faster on your watch, you can from now select only your favorite cards: from your FidMe profile > my settings > shortcut. This way, you don’t have to upload all your cards, the access should be faster!

  2. I have a Galaxy Watch 46mm and the Fidme app installed both on phone and Watch. When I open the app on my Watch all O see is the name Fidme and nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch and the app does not work?

    • Hello, Can you tell me if your Watch is on Wear OS or Tizen ?
      The new version of fidme isn’t working with Tizen system, you won’t be able to use it on your watch!

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