What the FidMe latest update changes in your store

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The new FidMe update is live on iPhone and Android, it changes how to claim a gift instore. A new claiming gift system made with many shops and franchises feedback to enhance security and give more helpful statistics !

« To claim your gift, scan the FidMe QR code »

Your customer no longer have to show the « green screen », now (after completing their stampcard), to claim their gift, they have to scan your QR code. It will display a new screen confirming, it’s ok !

Security tips
– The animated green wave confirms it’s not a screen capture (screen 3).
– Click on “See the stamps details” (screen 3) to check if the stamps had been added at a normal frequency and during your open hours (screen 4).

FidMe 4.5.3 Gifts list(1) FidMe 4.5.3 scan the Fidme QR code to claim your gift(2) FidMe 4.5.3 new validation screen(3) FidMe 4.5.3 stamps list(4)

Easier and more secure use of your FidMe loyalty stampcard

Remember the previous system? It required to display 2 more screens: 1 blue screen when earning a gift, 1 red warning screen before using the gift and 1 green screen to show you to claim the gift.

The new system requires only one action: to scan your QR code. Easier, both for you and your customer! And more secure for you, because it needs an action to exchange the gift.

Both systems will briefly coexist, until all users have updated FidMe. 

FidMe Premium statistiques détaillées

Rubrique « Mes stats », cliquez sur le fichier .CSV pour consulter les statistiques détaillées.

Premium advantage: new detailed statistics

Premium members include in their account new detailed statistics and know where the gifts have been offered (and stamps location history for each).

Become Premium Member
Contact us at this number +33 820 950 954 (0.12 € per minute) or by email commerce@fidme.com
Or login your FidMe account and click on “Become Premium Member”.

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