FidMe 4.8.3 update on Android: discover the evolutions!

Posted on August 17th, 2015 in News. No Comments

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This FidMe 4.8.3 update fixes many issues. Optimizations have been made to avoid the visual bug that makes cards disappear. The “package error” message avoiding FidMe to be installed or updated is fixed. Did you encounter one of these bugs? Download or reinstall your FidMe now.

And geolocated Check-ins are now fully functional! Remember: each “Check” makes you earn 1 Fids (FidMe points), that will give you shopping advantages soon!
New local deals features have been added too.

Appuyer sur "+1 Check!" pour vous géolocaliser et gagner des Fids!

Select “+1 Check!” and earn more Fids!

Thanks for your help and precious feedback. Download FidMe on Android and post a review!

Edit 19/08/2015: the cards disappearance bug is also fixed on iPhone, with the news 4.8.4 FidMe update live on the App Store. If your FidMe is empty, don’t worry, just synch it in the profile section, your cards will reappear! New deals management features are also included. Thanks for your feedback allowing us to make FidMe better :) Download FidMe on iPhone

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