Geofencing campaign: send offers around your shop

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You need to attract new customers, to promote a product, a service, or to communicate about an offer? Start a geofencing campaign to achieve your goals faster!

How does it work? We detect FidMe users around your shop and send them your offer through push notifications. The message is received, even though the mobile is in sleep mode, even though FidMe is not playing. Only the GPS location triggers the push. All opt-in FidMe users receive these notifications.

When the user clicks on the notification, FidMe opens automatically your coupon describing the offer.

geofencing mobile push notification

Up to 50% conversion rate

For a recent geofencing campaign made for a well-known pop-up store in Paris, 50% of users who received and clicked on the notification visited the store. Geofencing is a real mobile-to-store generator!

A clear and exclusive offer is the key to generate the best conversion rate. In Bordeaux, Ô Sorbet d’Amour (ice-cream shops) launched a geofencing campaign offering -10% on its frozen desserts for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. In Paris, Androuet cheese shops have launched a campaign to generate more visits in its 9 points of sale, offering 1 free cheese by showing the FidMe coupon screen. Also, Saco Hair (Parisian hairdresser) has launched a campaign to attract new clients, offering 15€ off the first visit.

Contact us to know how many push notifications can be sent around your shop.

Contact us for a quotation

Geofencing campaigns are a service available for FidMe Premium members, on request.

It includes a personalized support from campaign creation to statistics analyze:
– offer description,
– coupon creation and design,
– push notification wording,
– demarcation of the area,
– campaign duration,
– complete report: statistics, number of sent push notification, viewed coupons, store activity, people driven to stores.

Contact us to define your goals and plan your next campaign! or +33 820 950 954.

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