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FidMe carte Espresso Mobile WarringahAmong the 10,000 stores which have chosen FidMe to digitalize their loyalty program, many are located in France. But FidMe has also been exported all over the world! Wayne Churcher is Australian. He is the Espresso Warringah Mobile owner, a mobile coffee. With his van, he travels along the Sydney streets, serves coffees and delivers FidMe mobile stamps!

Why did he choose FidMe and how his customers have welcomed the app? Here is his feedback.

FidMe – How did you know FidMe?

Wayne Churcher – I searched for loyalty card apps a while ago and you seemed to suit my needs so I adopted it.

FidMe – Tell me more about you and Espresso mobile café.

Wayne Churcher – I go around to business parks every day of the week on the northern beaches of Sydney and serve regular customers with coffee and food, mainly coffee.

FidMe – What are the FidMe advantages for your retail (compared to a paper loyalty card)?

Wayne Churcher – I made a ‘hard copy’ loyalty card which I still use for some customers but it is incredibly time consuming to mark off each time and customers do not seem to be proactive in doing it themselves while I am making their order. Fidme users of course do it themselves.

FidMe – How your customers have welcomed FidMe?

Wayne Churcher – I placed the QR code is on the door above (I work from the back of a Mercedes Vito) and this saves a tremendous amount of time – and they love using it. I like the way it comes up for their free coffee and they always insist on showing me (like a prize!) Even though I know and trust them.

FidMe – Any advice for retailers who would like get into FidMe?

Wayne Churcher – To realise that it adds strong loyalty and connection with customers. Not all customers use it (unfortunately) but those who do use it constantly and they enjoy doing so. It adds value to my services. Overall FidMe is a successfully integrated part of my daily business.

Wayne Churcher is an Espresso Mobile Warringah’s owner, an Espresso Mobile Café franchise
Website: http://cafemobile.com.au

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