More tools to promote your loyalty card

Posted on February 25th, 2016 in Pro. No Comments

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Would you be interested by new tools to promote in store your loyalty card? We customize, print and deliver on request, tent cards, A5 flyers and checkout mini posters.


Tent cards and flyers are printed front and back: one side presents you loyalty program (prize received by your customers once they complete the stampcard), the other side explains how to use FidMe in three steps (install the app, scan the QR code, enjoy the gift).

This is our pricing (customization included):


Contact us to order: or +33 820 950 954 (0.12 €/mn).

You don’t have a FidMe account yet? Create a FidMe account as well as your first loyalty card in a matter of minutes from, you will receive an in-store advertising pack for free. Access all the FidMe features for only 20€ per month per point of sale with FidMe Premium account. No commitment!

An in-store advertising kit per point of sale is sent for free when you create your FidMe account.

loyalty card in store advertising kit

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