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Are you enjoying these World Cup days? FidMe is here for giving you the best deals and tips to watch the game in the best conditions!

What is better than watching your television and eating a pizza? Located in Berlin, this is what Pizza Koons offers you. At home or at the two restaurants of the city, get some tasty italian food and have a nice evening! Add your stamp card on FidMe:

  • 6 stamps= one free pizza for your next order
  • 3 more stamps= one free drink

pizzakoons stampcard

Looking for a good lunch in the capital of Germany ? Get one at Baffel’s: tasty sandwiches with some delicious baguettes. What taste will you choose? You won’t know if you don’t go! With the FidMe app, get a free biscuit or coffee after 6 stamps.

Find below the new loyalty cards of the week :

Z Generation

Tape à l’Œil
Q Team
Paris 8
Pharmacie des Plantes

Paris 8
La Grande Epicerie Massen
Nature & Découvertes

United States


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