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Posted on August 6th, 2018 in News. 2 comments

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Are you surviving to this long heat-wave ? Don’t worry, FidMe is here to give you the best deals and tips to be away from heat !

In the fresh morning of the capital of Germany, Berlin, there is a place where you can get the best breakfast of the city, the bakery Manufacture Délicate: handmade chocolate bread, pastries, croissant, you’ll find everything for a tasty morning! Register their stampcard on your FidMe account and get:

  • a free coffee after 5 stamps
  • a free coffee and a free pastry after 10 stamps

For your lunch in Berlin, would you say no to a tasty pizza? We’ve got a place for you: Pizza Kons. With their two restaurants in the center of the city, get some very good italian food (pizza for sure!) and enjoy a very sweet launch. Get the stampcard of the restaurant on the FidMe app and get :

  • a free pizza after 6 stamps
  • a free drink after 9 stamps

Find below the new loyalty cards of the week :

Amour de Fleurs
Air Bagels

Runner’s Lab
Easy Clothes
Apotheek Paredis

Punt Roma
Paco Martinez
O Boticario
Farmacia Da Penha
A Económica em Faro

Marks & Spencer
Yves Rocher

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2 thoughts on “New loyalty cards of the week

  1. Every time I get on here half my text turns into a language I don’t understand please keep it in English for me. But I don’t check email very often so it’s better to text me 217883 9906

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