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FidMe is glad to introduce you 2 new retailers! In Luxembourg, you have to go to the restaurant Le Bec Fin: you’ll find many international specialities but also traditional italian food. Good news! They also make delicious brunch for adults and children! Enjoy one free meal with your 10th stamp!

Cookies & co is a product of the love between Mira, 37 – an experienced Pastry Chef, and Ori, 34 – a financial analyst with a life long passion for coffee. They planned and shaped the idea of joining their mutual passions into a place of their own, where they could let their imagination and creativity come together. Their daughter’s first birthday seemed like the perfect timing to take that step and finally make it happen.

In Cookies & Co. they bake and prepare everything by theirselves on a daily basis. The coffee they serve is roasted in Berlin, keeping its freshness and quality at all times. Enjoy one biscuit or coffee for free with your 6th stamp!

cookies&co loyalty card

Find below the new loyalty cards of the week:

La halle au frais
Ticket Clean way
L’étal du gout
Tartine et gourmandise

О’КЕЙ (OK market)
Gorozhanka sibgigant

Silvestri Taddei

Het Loze Vissertje
Nummer zestien
Miller & Monroe

Nummer zestien

Nummer zestien

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