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You have not tested the FidMe coupons feature yet? Don’t wait any longer; it’s free and unlimited with a FidMe Premium account. You’ll find also, in this november newsletter, tips to increase your number of customers.

Send unlimited coupons for free. Included in Premium account!

Like Balladins hotels, Saco and So Cut’ hairdressers, Youpi Park, e-Cig, and thousands of other stores: create your coupons from your FidMe account, this will just take 3 minutes!

Your cardholders will see it as well as all the FidMe users around your store. Coupons are a powerful communication tool, to release an offer, a deal, or communicate about an event.

Coupons FidMe Carte de fidélité Balladins

You have a FidMe Premium account? Login to your account and create now your first coupons campaign, it’s free and entirely customizable!

You have a free FidMe account? Access all the Premium advantages for only 20€ per month (10€ the first month) per point of sale. No commitment!

Sponsor your fellow shopkeeper

Your customers are also customers from the other side of your street; talking about FidMe to your friends shopkeepers multiplies the number of prospects who will see your store in FidMe.

application gratuite FidMe
From your online FidMe account, “My tools” section, select “A fellow shopkeeper has a stamp card? Sponsor him in FidMe!”. Or just by word of mouth! FidMe subscription is still free, with no time commitment, and needs only few minutes from www.fidme.com

You don’t have a FidMe account yet ?

Create a FidMe account for free as well as your first loyalty card in a matter of minutes from www.fidme.comYouTube Tutorial : Creation of a merchant’s FidMe account

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