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We knew FidMe made men faithful… to their brands (58% of FidMe users are men) ! And, after investigation, we know you are also very exclusive… with applications ;)

We asked you to tell us more about your mobile loyalty behaviors and you put your hands up! You have been more than 8000 to answer (thank you !). The results from this study sare clear: 60% have FidMe only on their mobile and no other retailer loyalty application!

portefeuille unique FidMe

One app to rule them all !

In other words, you prefer single application to gather all your loyalty programs, coupons, deals and rewards! Like apps gathering news feeds from several information sources (News Republic, Flipboard, etc.), you prefer not having multiple entries in your mobile. More convenient and faster at the checkout !

“52 % would like to gather loyalty cards on mobile and 45% coupons”

These two figures were published by the French Direct Communication National Society (SNCD) in a study about attitudes and expectations of smartphone and tablet users in their relationship with the retailers, in 2013.

Since the iOS and Android FidMe update, you can now gather in the application both loyalty barcode cards, stampcards and coupons! Coming soon: the coupons center on Windows Phone, Blackberry, and more surprises!

Finally, it’s like real life ! You don’t want a bulky mobile filled with many apps that can be gathered in one.

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