FidMe version 4.2.0 available

Posted on June 18th, 2013 in News. No Comments

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Now over 2.100.000 active accounts, we released a new version of FidMe to meet users expectations. The main new features: “Test FidMe”, extended to iPhone, and Passbook enabled coupons. An update available today on iOS and Android devices.

“Test FidMe” allows you to start the FidMe experience and save up to five loyalty cards without account creation, eagerly awaited by FidMe users, sponsoring a lot their friends. It’s still, as the full version, free and with no advertising.

Loyalty stampcards have been completely redesigned to display all the shop / card / point of sale information easily. Search feature has also been greatly improved. Useful to locate a nearby store!

Barcodes display have been optimized: more supported formats to improve scan reading and internationalization.

Besides, iPhone users can now push retailers coupons in their Passbook.

FidMe version 4.2.0 is now available on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) on iTunes, and Android (Google Play, Amazon and Samsung Apps). The new features will be gradually extended to other smartphones.

About FidMe

FidMe, developed by Snapp’ (Bordeaux), is the European leader application for dematerialized loyalty programs. Free and with no ads, FidMe is compatible with all mobiles. FidMe allows registering all the traditional loyalty cards and stamp cards of local shops. Thousands of local shops and franchise networks (Mezzo di Pasta, McDonald’s, Quick, Columbus Café, etc.) have joined the service. FidMe has over 2 million users, 4,000 loyalty cards, 10 million dematerialized cards, 10.000 retailers. The application has received seven awards in 2011 and four in 2012.

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