New feature: Send stamps and enroll customers in 2 seconds!

Posted on October 24th, 2016 in Pro. No Comments

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When your customers don’t have FidMe, they are too low on battery or there is no mobile network. When they don’t have a FidMe account or they ordered from home or from internet. We have the solution to send remote mobile stamps in few seconds!

Add remote stamps on your customers’ mobile

From a browser, go to, you can access it from any computer laptop, tablet or mobile phone. To sign in, use your FidMe Pro account login email and password.

If you have more than one point of sale, select the one you want and the card you need to credit.

Type your customer email, select the number of stamps needed, that’s it!

FidMe mobile remote stamps

Faster, easier to use for your in-store loyalty!

Your customer receive a confirmation via push notification and Email. In FidMe, he’ll just have to “Synchronize” his account to make the stamps appear on the card.

Our tip to save time at the check-out


Leave a sheet of paper to allow your clients to write their email when you’re preparing their order. Collect the paper; add the number of stamps to credit. After your service, you’ll just have to register these emails on your account to remote stamps to your clients. They will receive an email and mobile notification, explaining they have to synchronize their account to see the stamp.

Read our guide with all our advices and tips: Customers enrolment and mobile remote stamps (PDF 2Mo)

Any question? Contact us: or +33 820 950 954 (0.12 €/mn).


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