New features on your FidMe merchant account

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Newsletter July 2013
Shops and franchises Edition

A recent study released by Arbitron Mobile named FidMe as one of the 10 most used mobile commerce applications in France! This success is explained by numerous advantages around digitalized loyalty cards. For users: no more lost or forgetten cards, coupons available at any moment in their mobile, nearby shops geolocation. For merchants: the guarantee of a long term loyal customer!


NEW FEATURE IN YOUR MERCHANT ACCOUNT Chose the maximum number of stamps per day and per card

That was a frequent request from shops, it is now available! You can (if you want) activate it now.

How? From, login with your email and password. “My card” section, “Secure the use of the card” option. Tick the box “I want to limit my card [chose the number] stamps per day.” And user side, if one more stamps is added over that limit, he will be visually warned he can’t add another stamp today.

FidMe Secure the use of your card

NEWS On the FidMe mobile application

Carte à tampon Mezzo di Pasta sur FidMeNew stampcards design

All your shop informations now appear on a single screen. Your contact details, website and social networks links are highlighted on the top.

From your FidMe account, make sure you have completed the profile fields.


Fonction recherche FidMeImproved “Search” feature

Address and activity now appear under the stores names in the search results. Users can find you on FidMe, by typing for your name, town or activity.

From your FidMe account, make sure to complete the address and activity fields, when you add a new card or a new point of sale. Your (future) customers will easily find you!


Accès pro FidMe en 6 languesRetailer account now available in 6 languages

French, English and now Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese. Retailer account is now multilingual, to support the FidMe internationalization!

The mobile app has Czech language added to the 16 others already available. Convenient for tourists, they can discover your store via FidMe in their native language.

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