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We were beneath the first to have spoken about it only a few weeks after the official announcement by Apple, today we welcome the iBeacon in FidMe! It will revolutionize your point of sale and the communication you have with your clients.

Balise iBeacon FidMe

The iBeacon allows you to send coupons and promotional offers by notifications to the clients that are near your shop (geo-fencing). A great marketing tool to optimize the relationship you have with them around and in your shop!

If you have a Premium account or you’re wiling to subscribe to it, you can ask for an iBeacon at a preferred price.

How does it work at the shop?

Beacon FidMeClick to zoom picture

The iBeacon works 24h/24h sending to iPhone and Android, it is small and waterproof. It has a lifetime of 2 years, and doesn’t need to be recharged! When you get it, you can install your preconfigured iBeacon at the entrance of your shop.

When a FidMe user (whether he has your card or not) passes around your shop, he will get a notification on his phone (even though it is in sleep mode or his FidMe is off).

Three kinds of notifications can be set up:
– A: The user has not your card in FidMe, he receives “Add or ask for your [your store name] card to discover an exclusive program!”
– B: The user has your card in FidMe, he receives “Use your [your store name] card for exclusive offers!”
– C: The user has your card while you have a coupons campaign, he gets a promotional message “An exclusive offer awaits you on your [your store name] card!”

When the user clicks on the notification, FidMe opens automatically into your card or your coupon, depending on the notification sent.

Don’t forget to invite your clients to update their FidMe, the notifications can only be received if they use the FidMe 4.7 version or latest.

Contact us for a quotation

The rates for iBeacon are made on quotation. Please contact or call us at +33 820 950 954 (0.12 € per minute).

Please note a three weeks timeframe for the reception of your preconfigured iBeacons. Service available to the FidMe Premium users. Right now, 50% off your first two Premium subscription months (10€/POS/month)! Decreasing prices starting a 5 PoS, contact us for more information. Your subscription has no time engagement.

Discover all the advantages from a Premium FidMe account by logging-in to your merchant’s profile: 

You don’t have a FidMe account yet ? Create it for free as well as your first loyalty card in a matter of minutes ! YouTube Tutorial : Creation of a merchant’s FidMe account

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