Discover the new logo of your favorite shopping app!

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Ready for a big change?  3, 2, 1…  Say hello to your new FidMe! Check out our brand new icon – simpler, modern and a bit more colorful…

With now more than 5 million users worldwide, it’s time to write … Plus

FidMe 5.4.0, new update available!

Posted on April 13th, 2017 in News. 2 comments

The new update, FidMe 5.4.0, is now available for all iPhone and Android users.

A major update in which we included one of the most popular feature: Facebook Connect. You can now sign in and log in one click to … Plus

FidMe 4.8.3 update on Android: discover the evolutions!

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This FidMe 4.8.3 update fixes many issues. Optimizations have been made to avoid the visual bug that makes cards disappear. The “package error” message avoiding FidMe to be installed or updated is fixed. Did you encounter one of … Plus

Send offers around your shop with FidMe and iBeacon

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We were beneath the first to have spoken about it only a few weeks after the official announcement by Apple, today we welcome the iBeacon in FidMe! It will revolutionize your point of sale and the communication you have with Plus

FidMe 4.6.2 update available on iPhone and Android

Posted on October 23rd, 2014 in News. No Comments

The new version you were waiting for is now live on iTunes and Google Play. Download it and give us your feedback!

You are over 3 million users (almost 3.200.000!) and FidMe continues its evolution, listening your feedback and suggestions. … Plus

FidMe 4.6.0 New design, new couponing center, and new notifications!

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FidMe continues its evolution, the new update is available on iPhone (June 26th), on Android (July 4th) and on Windows Phone (beginning of July). More ergonomic and modern, an evolved personalized couponing center, an advanced notification center, sponsoring options… … Plus

FidMe 4.4.2, update on iPhone and Android

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liste cadeaux FidMe 4.4.2

FidMe continues its evolution, you are over 2.6 million users and we thank you for your trust!

Developpers team have fixed several bugs and improved various features.
FidMe 4.4.2 includes :

• Account synchronization enhanced help
• New language : … Plus

One single loyalty application in your mobile!

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We knew FidMe made men faithful… to their brands (58% of FidMe users are men) ! And, after investigation, we know you are also very exclusive… with applications ;)

We asked you to tell us more about your … Plus

FidMe 4.4.0 update: the coupon centre is now live !

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You wanted and waited for it for months: it opens at last. The coupon centre is now live ! Hundreds of coupons are now available from the application. No more coupons to print, discount are made directly on the receipt, Plus

FidMe 4.3.0, update on iPhone and Android

Posted on September 3rd, 2013 in News. No Comments

Before the HUGE FidMe update in septembre, here is a light holiday update available on iPhone and Android.


Thanks to your feedbacks (thanks for your emails at, your Facebook message and your tweets !), we have detected and fixed … Plus