Prepare the upcoming sales with FidMe

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Newsletter FidMe June 2014 – Shops and franchises Edition

Discover this month: our advice to generate traffic in your store during the sales period, images to relook your card and new features that will give a boost to your … Plus

Newsletter FidMe Pro / FidMe Premium (2014-04): send coupons around your store

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Discover this month: KFC franchise testimonial, how to send coupons to FidMe users, your customers reviews, the new “Pro” section on our blog. According to Mediametrie, FidMe is the 6th most used mobile application in France. Almost 3 million usersPlus

One single loyalty application in your mobile!

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We knew FidMe made men faithful… to their brands (58% of FidMe users are men) ! And, after investigation, we know you are also very exclusive… with applications ;)

We asked you to tell us more about your … Plus

[TUTORIAL] Manage my coupons in FidMe application

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FidMe center coupons is now live ! Discover hundreds of coupons available in many stores. How to access these coupons in FidMe ? How to save money at the checkout ? Follow the guide !

Access to FidMe coupons

Coupons … Plus

FidMe 4.4.0 update: the coupon centre is now live !

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You wanted and waited for it for months: it opens at last. The coupon centre is now live ! Hundreds of coupons are now available from the application. No more coupons to print, discount are made directly on the receipt, Plus

Subscribe to the FidMe newsletter

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Subscribe now the FidMe newsletter, from the application (Profile > Notification management) or login on with your ID email (My profile section) and receive in your email box our monthly newsletter with the main FidMe news: deals, tips, app … Plus