Become FidMe Premium: discover it all for 10€ for 2 months!

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Having FidMe Premium means having additional features and advantages in the existing services that FidMe offers to boost your shops and franchises in each point of sale. Stop waiting and become Premium! To discover this offer, pay the first 2 Plus

Send offers around your shop with FidMe and iBeacon

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We were beneath the first to have spoken about it only a few weeks after the official announcement by Apple, today we welcome the iBeacon in FidMe! It will revolutionize your point of sale and the communication you have with Plus

Meet FidMe at the Franchise Expo Paris 2014

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As mentionned the French company « Médiamétrie » a few days ago, FidMe is in 2014, the 6th most used commerce app’ in France . FidMe’s team, the leading application in mobile loyalty programs, will meet you at the Franchise Plus

FidMe to use iBeacon in stores

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iBeacon FidMeTo secure checkins, stamps and personalized couponing, the next FidMe update will integrate iBeacon BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology!

FidMe offers to thousands connected stores and retailers to manage their loyalty programs and coupons campaigns, to take advantage of the … Plus