The new update 4.7.0 is now available!

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An easier-to-use coupons interface, the possibility to zoom your card’s barcodes, improved reviews and notifications display… This new version of FidMe is full of novelties! Available now on iPhone, download it on Android from this week-end.

C-wallet coupons: use your discounts easier and faster! Coupon FidMe C-wallet

In Intermarché and Monoprix stores, all you need is to scan your loyalty card at the checkout to get your refund. No need to download anymore the C-wallet application.
The sign-in, the account activation, and the refund on your bank account or on Paypal, everything is done automatically from FidMe!

For the other stores, you still need to download the C-wallet application, but this time, do it after leaving the checkout. Before you buy, activate your discount from FidMe. After leaving the checkout, scan the barcode of your product and take a picture of your receipt from C-wallet to get your refund.


You can recognize the C-wallet coupons on the red icons with the € on white. Find them on your coupons center or available from your loyalty cards.

Zoom on barcodes

Many of you were having trouble reading some of the barcodes due to their size, like the one on your Ikea card. Problem solved! You can now make it bigger when the app is in landscape mode: just click on it to zoom.

Carte de fidélité IKEA dans FidMe    Zoom sur la carte de fidélité IKEA dans FidMe

Lots of optimizations!

  • Reviews and notifications display optimization,
  • Share your stampcards and and earn free stamps (learn more soon ;)
  • Bug fixes (yes, we always find more when we are looking for them!)

Please send your feedback (good or not) to:

Don’t forget to leave a comment about this new version on your AppStore or Google Play to help us stay on the top apps!

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