[TUTORIAL] Manage my coupons in FidMe application

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FidMe center coupons is now live ! Discover hundreds of coupons available in many stores. How to access these coupons in FidMe ? How to save money at the checkout ? Follow the guide !

Access to FidMe coupons

Coupons are available :

  • From the coupons center on the bottom left of the application. You will find :
    • Brands coupons feeds available for many retailers ;
    • Retailers coupons related to their loyalty cards (Monoprix, Marionnaud, Bizzbee, La Croissanterie, Le club Accorhotel) ;
    • Stampcards coupons.
  • From your loyalty cards, the orange icon shows how many coupons are available coupons.

Coupons FidMe Centre de coupons FidMe Coupons carte de fidélité Leclerc Coupons FidMe C-Wallet

Tip : activate the off-line mode
To display your coupons anytime (even without data connexion), click the <3 icon. You can switch on / off this option at any moment.

Tip : you only see coupons from your stores !
No spam, no unwanted information, you only see coupons from your favorite retailers and shops you have loyalty cards.

Link your FidMe account to C-Wallet application and select offers

Everything is done from FidMe!

  1. Select a coupon from the coupons center or from your loyalty cards.
  2. A “C” icon shows this coupon is available throw C-Wallet.
  3. You need a C-Wallet account to receive repaiements.
  4. Sign-up or login on C-Wallet form.
  5. Click « Activate the offer » to use the coupon at the checkout. You have 14 days to buy the product and take advantage of the discount.

Découvrez C-Wallet Inscription Identification sur le C-Wallet Compte C-Wallet rattaché à FidMe Coupon de réduction C-Wallet sur FidMe

Tip : add an alert in your calendar
Do not miss your coupons when activated ! Select the « Alarm » icon on the bottom of the screen. It will add it to your calendar and warn you in the right time !

Use your coupons at the checkout and get the discount

1. Select and activate one or several offers ;
2. Purchase the products within 14 days in your store ;
3. After the checkout, scan your products barcodes and take a picture of your receipt. You automatically get your money back in your C-Wallet account.

Options C-Wallet C-Wallet Mode carte de fidélité C-Wallet mode manuel Cagnotte CWallet

Tip : If you have the Monoprix loyalty card (and soon more retailers !), nothing is needed, you’ll get the cash back on your C-Wallet account automatically!
Enter first your loyalty card number in your C-Wallet account. At the checkout, show your Monoprix loyalty card on FidMe, that’s it.

cwallet carte monoprix cwallet connexion carte monoprix

Questions about the FidMe coupons?

We answer all your inquiries on our Facebook page or Twitter account.

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